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The works can be presented in any form or style and will be eligible to participate in the Pisa Robot Film Festival 2018 (PRFF2018) if completed after 1 January 2015. Works submitted in fiction and animation categories must not exceed 15 minutes (cue titles included), in the documentary category must not exceed 20 minutes (cue titles included) while those submitted in the junior-school category must not exceed 10’ (cue titles included). Works which language is neither Italian nor English, must be subtitled in either English or Italian.

Each participant is allowed to submit one piece of work.

It is possible to submit works that have already been presented or awarded in other festivals or contests.


The entry costs for each piece of work presented are:

Early-bird: EUR 5,00 for payments received by July 31st, 2018
Normal: EUR 15,00 for payments from received from 1st to 31st August 2018
Late: EUR 25,00 for payments received from 1st to 15 September 2018
Registration for the junior school category is free.

Directors and filmmakers must send to the following material, for each piece of work submitted:

  • Web-link to the proposed work;
  • The signed and completed registration form of the work in PDF format (download the Registration Form in .doc or PDF format);
  • Release according to the regulations in force. Special attention should be paid to underage students, in the JUNIOR SCHOOL category (download the Releasing);
  • From 1 to 5 jpeg scene images of at least 2 Mega Pixels;
  • 2 photographs of the director in jpeg format of at least 2 Mega Pixels (optional for the JUNIOR SCHOOL category; in alternative, it is possible to provide a picture of the whole class);
  • Web-link to the movie trailer (optional);
  • Official movie poster in jpeg format (optional);
  • Copies of the registration payment.

Payment should be made by:



Bank transfer to

GREAT Robotics S.r.l.s.

Agency:        Livorno
IBAN:            IT46J0846113900000010556702
BIC:             BBCDIT3C
CAUSATION: PRFF2018 + title of the work presented

Documentation sent to the Pisa Robot Film Festival will not be returned, but archived for study and/or promotional purposes and/or for the purpose of inclusion in other festivals subject to agreement with the participants.


All materials must be submitted by September 15, 2018 at 11.59 CET to with the subject line: “Registration PRFF2018 competition”.

The title of the work and the relevant category must also be specified.


Authors whose works are selected by the Pisa Robot Film Festival will be informed by email by September 20, 2018. Selected authors must send by September 25, 2018 a copy of the film to be screened during the PRFF in .mov format. The film can be sent by link via e-mail to or by using a digital support (such as DVD, USB memory stick, SD card) to the following address:

Festival Internazionale della Robotica
c/o Officine Garibaldi
Via Vincenzo Gioberti, 39, ufficio 4
56124 Pisa

Failure to do so will lead to exclusion from the competition. Organizers reserve the right to request replacement copies of works considered inadequate for public screening.

Works will be included in the following categories: FICTION, ANIMATION, DOCUMENTARY, and JUNIOR SCHOOL. This subdivision will be performed if there is a minimum of 5 (five) submissions per category. If not, the organisers may remove one category, but retain the piece of work and increase the “Jury Prize Award”.

Each director will be given 2 nominal passes which will be valid throughout the duration of the event.

For the JUNIOR SCHOOL category, each school will be given 5 passes (1 for the teacher and the rest for a delegation of the class)


Works must meet the following conditions, subject to exclusion from the competition:

  • Relevant subject, maximum duration and presentation of all material within the terms set.
  • The video must not contain obscene, offensive, inappropriate material and shall not violate the privacy, copyright, trademarks and / or intellectual property rights of any person or organization. Participants must not use materials or elements in the video that are subject to third party rights (such as excerpts from other movies, images, audio, music, etc.) unless permission has been obtained prior to the video submission. If the video contains images of minors, the participant must get permission from the parents or legal guardians.
  • The organizers reserve the right at any time during the competition to remove or disable any video that does not meet the requirements and / or conditions of participation.
  • By participating in the competition, participants accept all terms and conditions of this notice and exempt the organizers of the Pisa Robot Film Festival from any civil and capital liability for damages to persons or things arising from participation in the competition as well as for costs and / or expenses for production, use, the loss of the video.
  • Works presented or recognized in other competitions may be included.


The organizers of the Pisa Robot Film Festival will nominate a jury for each category, with the exception of those who have collaborated in the creation of competing works or are interested in their use. The decisions made by the juries are final.

As to the popular jury, organizers will be responsible for the appointment of the jury. Every attempt will be made to appoint jury members from a range of backgrounds and disciplines.


The jury of each category will award the following prizes:

  • First Absolute Prize Award for “PISA ROBOT FILM FESTIVAL” and prize money of EUR 500,00 (regardless of the membership section).
  • Best Technological Innovation: Award for “Best Technological Innovation” and prize money of EUR 500,00 (regardless of the membership section).
  • Fiction Section: Award for “Best Fiction” and prize money of EUR 300,00.
  • Documentary Section: Award for “Best Documentary” and prize money of EUR 300,00.
  • Animation Section: Award for “Best Short Animation” and prize money of EUR 300,00.
  • Junior School Section: Award for “Best short movie Junior School” and prize money of EUR 300,00.
  • Jury Popular Prize: Award for “Popular Jury Prize” and prize money of EUR 150,00 dedicated to the work that receives the highest score from a popular jury chosen by the organizers.
  • Best Original Soundtrack: Award for “Best Original Soundtrack” (regardless of the membership section) and prize money of EUR 150,00.
  • Best Director: Award for “Best Director” (regardless of the membership section).
  • Best Photo: Award for “Best Photo” (regardless of the membership section).
  • Best Editing: Award for “Best Editing” (regardless of the membership section).
  • Best Screenplay: Award for “Best Screenplay” (regardless of the membership section).


Each jury will express itself on the basis of the following criteria (no particular order):

  • Relevant theme
  • Quality of research reflected in video
  • Significance and potential impact of the message
  • Quality of production
  • Creativity and overall originality of the video
  • Level and quality of technological innovation with respect to: expression, production and fruition.


The films admitted to the final will be screened during the Pisa Robot Film Festival, which will be held from September 27th to October 3rd, 2018. Prizes will be awarded after the screen and presented directly to the winners or representatives.

The date and time of the award ceremony will be announced in early September and published in the PRFF web-site.

N.B. Failure to attend the parties concerned (or delegates) implies not awarding the prize.


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